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I highly recommend you get a copy of Milk to Meat. Kylie's devotional guide is a timely word for today's generation of busy Christians, it will show you how to deepen your relationship with God from start to finish. Buy it.

  • Benj Geering
  • Director
  • Youth Alive, Victoria

"Life's tough; especially for flawed individuals like me. I need all the help I can get and I can't get any better help than the wisdom that comes from the Author of life Himself. I shudder to think what I would be like were it not for daily reflection on God's Word. In it, I see Christ; I see myself as I am and I see what His Spirit is making of me."

  • Reverend Julian Dunham
  • Program Director
  • Arrow Leadership Program Australia

"Lots of people talk about the importance of the Word. I hear comments like "it's my guide for life" and "it's God's love letter to me". But the vast majority of Christians have never read through the Bible. We need a mechanism to help them along the way, this book does that. We need a way to encourage people to get into the Word. If you never read through the Word, please stop saying that you're living by it."

  • Rev Chris Danes
  • State Youth Director
  • Baptist Union Victoria

By taking time out everyday to listen and talk to God I've had so much more hope and belief that God can, will and is moving in my life and in the lives of those around me. It's not about a rushed 5minute prayer anymore, through this book, He has shown me something much more powerful. I'm learning more everyday what it really means to do life with God and His plans and purpose for me.

  • Laura Fleming
  • 18, Student

It was only just recently that I have realised the importance of reading the bible daily and growing myself. It was when the youth ministry introduced the Milk to Meat journals that I started to understand what God was saying to me. It says in Proverbs 4 verse 11 12 "I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk your steps will not be hampered when you run you will not fall." I really like this verse because God has made a covenant or promise with us, he says that he will protect and watch over us but it doesn't mean that bad things won't happen but that we can look to him for help. This is also a verse that helped me to take the next step of baptism because I am choosing to have God as my guide I want to put my life in his hands.

  • Excerpt from a testimony of a year 7 boy, after reading Milk to Meat now preparing for his upcoming baptism.

I am a Youth Intern of a small Church and have recently seen Milk to Meat impact the lives of my young adults. One guy James*, 20yo, has been going to Church all his life, (I've been unsure of where he is at spiritually), at small group this week James and another guy Mitch* were both discussing how they felt stuck in a rut spiritually, and wanted to talk about ways to go deeper and build it into their daily life. Then I remembered I had the Milk to Meat journals, so I got some out and gave it to the group. They got really excited about it and decided they really wanted to make a go of it. And so, these guys are going from stuck in a rut to wanting to try to read the Word everyday.

  • Courtney Lang
  • Youth Pastor

"In this picture I've drawn pictures for verses I like and written the reference next to them. Also symbols of the illustrations Jesus used in His ministry: bread of life, precious gems etc.. I'm in there too bottom left, behind me is God's foot, so he's standing behind me giant sized. I drew him like this because I often hear messages calling us to realize that God is not ‘our' size, He's massive and beyond us in love and power. I don't fully understand it all but I trust that he's standing just behind me in all things. The tree that grows up from that bottom left hand corner stretches up along God's robe creating life and blessing. Again it's like you have to really look closely following the lines in order to find Him in this picture."

  • Written by student doing 60 Day Challenge

We introduced the "Milk to Meat" journal to our youth group during the school holidays. The youth loved the idea that it was simple, easy to read and understand, and extremely relevant! Wow! Already, I have seen a changes. One young guy has made it his priority to keep reading and this is someone who was just recently going to parties and living the typical "18 year old" life of the world (if that makes sense)... He's had a massive change, and we have only just started week two of our 60 day journal.. Also, I have changed.. I've gone from reading my Bible once or twice a week, to everyday. It's changed my attitude and has kept me disciplined in my walk with God! So, thank you for writing that journal.. I hope it's one of many more to come!

  • Lauren Coulson
  • Youth Intern

This book is great.  We have used it across both our youth and young adult ministries.  It has been well received and adapted by all.  Highly recommended.

  • Dan Harbottle
  • Youth & Young Adult's Pastor
  • Lilydale, Victoria
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