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bookphoto_smallMilk to Meat is a 60 day devotional guide to help you get the most out of your Bible reading. If we want to continue to mature in our Christian faith then we need to learn to spiritually feed ourselves from God's Word. This book takes you on a journey through the most amazing book in the history of the world, the Bible. It will teach you how to read the Bible and then apply it to your life. It is a practical, inspirational and life giving resource.


Are you from a Church or Christian Organisation?

How can wehelp you, help your people engage God through the Bible?


‘Milk to Meat' comes from the heart of Youth Pastor Kylie Butler, desperate to see people regularly reading the Bible and applying it to their life. This book is written as a progressive self-help guide.


Written in the captivating SOAP devotional style. The beginning of the book introduces the idea of SOAP devotions as a reading style but by the end of the 60 days they are writing their own devotions, studying the Bible and applying it to their life.


The book is divided into 60 days that can be read and written as a daily devotional, studied by small groups or accountability groups and used by Churches in the 60 Day Milk to Meat Challenge.


Churches across Australia are already taking the 60-Day Challenge and seeing miraculous, life changing results in their youth ministries, small groups and churches.

Milk to Meat includes:

Small Group guides & questions

Accountability guide & questions

Bible overview

2 year Bible reading plan

Informative articles:

  • *Reliability of the Bible
  • *Why different Gospel accounts?
  • *Differences between Old and New Testament

And more..


Are you from a Church or Christian Organisation?

How can wehelp you, help your people engage God through the Bible?

* Conduct a Bible Engagement Survey for your Church or Christian Organisation

* Analysis of the survey and conduct focus groups

* Run worshops to encourage Bible engagement

* Sermons or messages to lift the value of Bible engagement for your people

* Provide information/data on current survey data.

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Read personal testimonies of lives transformed by Milk to Meat.


Frequently Asked Questions about Milk to Meat


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