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The Issue


The Australian Church is at a crossroads, 60-80% of young adults will leave the church once they finish their education and with an average of only 2 people coming to faith each year in each church (Transforming Melbourne) the church is in a real predicament. Not only are people leaving the church but less than 2 of every 10 Christians in Australia are engaging with God on a daily basis through the Word (NCL 2006). Three out of five young people do not talk to their Christian friends about the bible and half have not heard God speak to them through the Word during the week (Milk to Meat).


The Australian Church has a discipleship issue. Many Australian Christians understand the importance of the Word but don’t really think they need it. "Everything in life travels along ok with or without reading the Word, so why bother reading it". There is a dichotomy between what we’re doing on a Sunday and what lives look like during the week.


Milk to Meat is responding to this crisis and is hosting an event that is more than a conference or seminar. We are attempting to take quite a different track from most other conferences around today. Firstly the event goes for 6months, and secondly it incorporates, a seminar, surveys, tele-classes and personalised coaching. All encapulated in one event, aiming to see Bible enagagement increase in your church and ministry.



What you get? (Over 6months)


  • One day Bible Engagement Seminar, with guest speakers (Kylie Butler, Cheryl Catford-McCallum and Adrian Blenkinsop) passionate about Bible engagement and years of influence and expertise.
  • Follow up tele-class (online) with specific focus topics
  • 2 one-on-one Skype Coaching sessions with a professional coach to help you set , assess and implement goals for your ministry.
  • Bible engagement survey of your ministry pre and post event.


Excellent opportunity for regional and interstate leaders, as only attendance required is the One-Day Seminar, the remainder is completed online.





The Format (over a 6month period)


The Seminar

  •  One day with 4 sessions
  • Focuses on key Bible engagement issues for the individual and local church.
  • Build appetite for change, what do you want to see changed in your church or ministry? 
  • Explore opportunities for transforming the Bible engagement culture of your church or organisation.


Tele-classes (conducted 1 month after the Seminar) Tele-class dates released to participants

  •  1 hour online classes
  • Groups of 4-6 participants
  • Facilitated by trained tele-class leaders or experts in the field
  • Multiple Bible engagement topics to choose from
  • Each participant can nominate 1 tele-class (audio of additional tele-classes can be purchased)


Coaching sessions (begin 2-4 months after the Seminar) Coaching dates released to participants

  •  2 x 1hour Skype Coaching sessions
  • Conducted after tele-class


The coaching sessions are one-on-one with qualified professional coaches, designed with the participants goal in mind, tailored to each individual participant (and their church), to consider their obstacles, desires and goals.


Bible Engagement Survey: Details released to participants

  •  Participants complete an online survey prior to seminar (themselves and 10 others from their local ministry).
  • A follow up survey will be conducted with those same respondents 6 months after the initial survey was completed.




The total duration of this event is 5-6months.


The time-frame gives greater opportunity for personal and ministry change in regards to Bible engagement.


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