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Who we are


Milk to Meat is a Christian organisation located in Melbourne which is committed to raise the level of bible engagement of Australian Christians. We are committed to working with Christian organisations, churches and individuals who see bible engagement as indispensible and who want to build a discipleship culture. We seek to bring clarity, insight and strategy for increased bible-engagement.

Our coaching capacity and alliances with Christian coaching organsations such as Novo Coaching, gives us a unique capacity to journey with leaders to see bible-engagement strategies come to life.


Milk to Meat brings an authentic, passionate, strategic, growth-focused and prayerful flair to everything we do. And it’s all done at competitive rates because we genuinely believe in and support those who are serving the kingdom.

Milk to Meat offers four key areas of expertise:


Take the pulse of a bible-engagement – we listen to pastors & leaders, conduct surveys & focus groups. We recognise that every church is different and unique; every church has a different way of engaging God in the Word.

Build the appetite – through preaching, teaching, workshops & seminars

Walk the journey – our passion is coaching

Tailor strategies – we tailor strategies by drawing on a breadth of resources and organisations committed to bible engagement. Working with the leadership team to develop the best mix for their culture.


How we work:

Milk to Meat provides opportunities for organisations, churches and ministries to assess the level of bible engagement within their area and provide tailored strategies to empower leaders to raise the level of bible engagement within their sphere of influence. We come into an organisation, church or ministry as third-party observers (ministry partners). We take the time to listen and learn from a diverse range of people – from deacons and elders, to staff and congregation members, to leaders and volunteers.


We believe evaluation is critical to growth and learning, in order to grow we need to understand where we currently are, therefore we use surveys, focus groups and interviews to understand the current reality better. We then develop tailored strategies to help organisations, churches and ministries raise the level of bible-engagement. Our background in professional coaching allows us to journey with the church to see these strategies come to life. We offer professional coaching to increase a leader’s capacity to see the change they desire within their ministry. This empowers ministers, staff and leaders to implement the strategies themselves to see deep seeded growth.


Our Vision:
To see Christians living Christ centered lives because the word of God is living and active in their life.


Our Mission:
To empower churches and individuals to raise the level of their bible engagement.


Our values:

Spiritual – prayer, bible reading
Growth (exhortation)
The journey

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