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img_0237The Australian Church has a discipleship issue. Many Australian Christians understand the importance of the Word but don’t really think they need it. Everything in life travels along ok with or without reading the Word, so why bother reading it. There is a dichotomy between what we’re doing on a Sunday and what lives look like during the week.

The Christian community in Australia is in a major crisis and for the most part we are completely unaware of it. If the current trends of Biblical disengagement continue, within the next 30 years the bible will be “a thing of the past” for most people who claim to follow Jesus.

The Australian Church is at a crossroads, 60-80% of young adults will leave the church once they finish their education and with an average of only 2 people coming to faith each year in each church (Transforming Melbourne) the church is in a real predicament. Not only are people leaving the church but less than 2 of every 10 Christians in Australia are engaging with God on a daily basis through the Word (NCL 2006). Three out of five young people do not talk to their Christian friends about the bible and half have not heard God speak to them through the Word during the week (Milk to Meat).

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YES this report is FREE! But special note: this report has been complied, produced and prepared by Kylie Butler, Milk to Meat. This report was produced to be inform, bless and inspire pastors, churches, individuals and organisations in their Bible engagement. You are welcome to use and reproduce this report but please do not pass it off as your own information or data.When using this information please always acknowledge Kylie Butler, Milk to Meat, www.milktomeat.com.au as the owner of this information and report.






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